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MVM OVIT National Power Line Company Ltd maintenance, reconstruction and machinery works, refurbishment of BHV
Siemens Zrt. 1, complete manufacturing of inner power plant rings
2, complete manufacturing of inner power plant rings
MIAS Hungary Kft. manufacturing of cable drums (220 pieces)
Andritz Ltd 1, Kalesh Project I.: manufacturing of steel structures
2, manufacturing of spare parts for Bnipro Rotor Spider
3, Rock Island Project: manufacturing of generator housing
E-Power System Ltd manufacturing of engines housings, shields sliding rings
GANZ-EEG Ltd manufacturing of parts for power plant (Vietnam)
KÉSZ Ipari Gyártó Ltd 1, manufacturing of steel supporting structures
2, construction of steel structures for the new terminal of Liszt Ferenc Airport
MVM PA Zrt. designing of separators
Turboplus Ltd turbine shaft and other parts for Bunge ZRt Martfű


Siemens Zrt. 1. Wuxi project: complete manufacturing of inner rings
2. Dunhuang project: complete manufacturing of inner rings
3. LP–Truth project: complete manufacturing of inner rings and diffusers
MVM OVIT Zrt. – BHV reconstruction and engineering works
GE Energy Zrt. complete refurbishment of a 60 MW turbine for Pécs Power Plant
MIAS Hungary Kft. manufacturing of cable drums
Siemens AG refurbishment of a valve body for Gönyű Power Plant
MVM PA Zrt. manufacturing of filter canisters
Metalcom Zrt. manufacturing of steel structures
Tiszavíz Hyropower Ltd manufacturing of a ring and sliding ring housing


Alstom Hungary Zrt. 1. manufacturing and machining of bearings covers and holders
2. manufacturing of DN125 and DN200 type damper lever arms
Paksi Atomerőmű renovation of safety cooling water system; manufacturing of spare parts
Siemens Zrt. 1. manufacturing of measuring axis; turning and welding of complete rings
2. Santo Domingo project – manufacturing of cones
3. Turkey Point 2. project – flame cutting
General Electric manufacturing and machining of non-return valve housing
WFT GmbH manufacturing of half rings and other part form special raw materials
MVM OVIT Zrt welding, technological pipe and steel structure maintenance activities
Hamburger Hungária Kft. blasting, grinding and dynamic balancing of sieve turning cylinder for a paper mill
VGM Magép Gépgyártó Kft. complex, precision bending
ANDRITZ Kft. 1. segments manufacturing for Xayaburi-project
2. complex bending of plates of generator house for Lysebont project


MÁTRA Gépipari Kft. manufacturing of cable drums
ANDRITZ Kft. processing of upper and lower consoles
MAG Hungary Kft. manufacturing of big-sized welded frames
GANZ EEG Kft. bending of pump supporting vane
B Build & Trade Kft. façade covering for the main building in Pécs Zoo
HMT Hebing Maschinen-Technik GmbH manufacturing of big-sized covering steel structure
Tiszavíz Vízerőmű Kft. Kisköre refurbishment of a big-sized sliding ring
RHK Kft. reconstruction of the gas supplying system of the ray-gate (NRHT, Bátaapáti)
SIEMENS Zrt. manufacturing of a measuring axis
DARUSÍN Kft. manufacturing of flanges
ALFÖLD Porcelán Edénygyár Zrt. manufacturing of an isostatic pressing rod
ALSTOM Hungária Zrt 1. machining of the rotating part for a steam turbine (100 MW)
2. milling of a pushing fork
HND Stahl Kft. manufacturing of stainless steel beer vessels 2 pcs. 180 hl 4 pcs 40 hl

Before 2015

MTA Isotopes Research Institute 1, manufacturing of measuring unit box and supporting unit
2, manufacturing of neutronfluxus measuring unit and detector stand
Rutin Ltd 1, BORSODCHEM: manufacturing of the steel structure of refinery unit (192 tons)
2, milling of consol structure
Ruukki Hungary Ltd 1. machining of base rolling frames and lids 2. Nybrufoss Power Plant Project (NORWAY): machining of a turbine house
Siemens Power Plant Technology Ltd 1. manufacturing of external rings and braces for turbines (up to Ø 5000 mm) for Siemens AG Power Generation
2. machining and welding of base and support plates
3. manufacturing of guide vane crowns and exterior rings
4. machining of base plates
5, milling of half rings
6, machining of inner and outer rings
7. manufacturing of flanges, diffusers
8. manufacturing of a GT-2 type flame tube, fixed blade holder for SZÁZHALOMBATTA Power Plant, HUNGARY
9. manufacturing of guide vane crowns; blade segments
10. manufacturing and machining of transporting frames, rings, crowns, diffusers
11. manufacturing of measuring axes
Tiszavíz Hyropower Ltd 1, manufacturing of rings for rotating wheels of water turbines (Kisköre)

2, manufacturing of accessories and sliding rings for water turbine (Kisköre)


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