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machines and equipments

Our company, among the traditional metalworking devices, has some very special machines as well, which makes it possible to produce, to renovate and to machine special items in terms of weight and size. With the help of our experienced staff we can undertake difficult tasks and lease work.




Adapting to the needs of our partners, we further expanded our machine park with three brand-new machines in 2021. These could be interesting to you not only in terms of their performance, but also in terms of the size of the work-pieces to be machined.

Here are the main parameters of the newly acquired machines

Fermat FP2580 portal milling machine

X: 3 400 mm
Y: 8 000 mm
Z: 1500 mm

DMG MORI CLX750 V6 counter spidle CNC turning machine

Max. working diameter: 700 mm
Max. working lenght: 1 290 mm


Feeler FTC350 SLY CNC turning machine

Max. working diameter: 350 mm
Max. working lenght: 515 mm

Thanks to Irinyi Terv strategy plan's support, we got four new equipments for our company.

Here are the main parameters of the newly acquired machines

AYKAPAK AHS 20/60-AK400-B CNC plate rolling machince

Working width: 2 100 mm
Max. plate thickness up to: 75 mm
Diameter of upper roller: 570 mm
Diameter of lower roller: 560 mm
Diameter of side rollers: 510 mm


BAYKAL APHS 31440-8-C15-INV-B CNC plate bending device

Bending length (A): 3100 mm
Distance between the side plates (B): 2550 mm
Side length (C): 2060 mm
Table height (G): 1005 mm
Max. opening height (K): 575 mm
Travel length (L): 320 mm
Hopper depth (N): 500 mm

BAYKAL BPL-H 3006-300-EP-L-3D-CS-6F-B CNC plasma cutter

Max. cutting width: 4 700 mm
Cutting length: 6 400 mm
Pipe size: 250-800 mm
Max. pipe wall thickness: 25 mm
Max. weight of the work piece: 2 880 kg
Min. required straightness: 1 mm / 3 m


BAYKAL BLS-N 3015 2kW CNC fiber laser

Max. cutting width: 1 500 mm
Max. cutting length: 3 000 mm
Max. Z axis: 100 mm
Swift mode (X and Y axes): 105 m/min.
Vector speed: 148 m/min.
Max. cutting speed: 45 m/min.
Axis acceleration: 1,5 G


Size: 1080 m2 120 m2 500 m2
Scope of activity: manufacturing of parts by turning.

Machining equipment:

CNC controlled lathe Ø 300×1250 EEN500
CNC controlled lathe Ø 200×750 EEN320
CNC controlled lathe Ø 100×500 EPA 320
CNC controlled lathe Ø 530x1500 TAURUS 260 –Pinacho
CNC controlled lathe Ø400x1000 MUSTANG 200 –Pinacho
CNC controlled lathe Ø 630x1500 SBL 500 –Trens
CNC controlled lathe Ø 770x820 EAGLE 400 –Dugard
middle lathe Ø 350×2000; 800×4000 SUI80/4000; SUI50/2000 (3 pcs)
CNC controlled slide lathe Ø 1000×10000 SPA710X10000
small lathes Ø 250×1500; EU400/1000
milling machines (universal, all-purpose, copy) 300x1000x300; 500x1400x500; FGS50 (2 pcs)
CNC portal milling machine 2000x6000x1000 Type: 6662
horizontal drilling – milling machine 1250x1250x1250
CNC Horizontál fúró-marómű 7000x4000x1500
CNC drilling – milling machine 1250x1250x1250 WA-100/A
EMCO F3CNC 200x400x250
CNC milling machine MAHO 800C 800x600x400 2,5 axles
FGS 63 NCP 630x1400x500 1 axle
CNC milling machine FGS 63 CNC-B 630x1400x500 3 axles
chiselling machine 600×600 SM40
emery-grinder machine (flat SAC JOTES-30) 300x1000
emery-grinder machine 250×1000 TITAN
radial drilling machine R1000; R3000 2K52; RFh100
bench drilling machine DAF16; F2M
overhead crane with 3,2 t load capacity 32 kN
column-type bracket crane with 500 kg load capacity 2 – 5 kN


Size: 1000 m2
Scope of activity: cutting assembling, welding of plates and profile materials

Machining equipment:

plate finishing machine with CNC control 300x1000 TRUMATIC 300
plate shears 12x3000 DLB12/3050
plate shears 3x1000 XRM560/3
plate shears 1x100
bland – sawing machine till Ø 250, Ø200; Ø270; Ø320; Ø400 SELECT SU 4M;
FORTE 320/SI; SHARK 270 SXI; ARG400 S.A.F. (5 pcs)
CORTA KS optical flame – cutting machine 2500x6000x220 1 pc (possesses also plasma cutting accessory)
MESSER NC flame-cut 4000x13000x220 LK-2
SECATOR flame – cutting equipment till Lm 100
bending machine 5x1250 LEM 15/1250
bending machine 4x3000 GE100/3000

bending machine 6x8000 VÖEST300/8000 Under repair
bending machine 15x5000 CTO400/5000
ray drilling-machine RF22/B
bench drilling machine FA-13; F2M
CNC controlled drilling purpose machine L= 5000 /Ø 25 (own product)
column-type bracket crane with 500 kg load capacity 2 – 5 kN (6 pcs)
middle lathe MVE 340/1500; SV18/RA (2 pcs)
small lathe EEN350/1500
milling machines FU36/160
framed sawing machine Ø 250 (2 pcs)


Size: 4500 m2
Scope of activity: machining, assembling, welding of big parts, surface preparing and coating.

Machining equipment:

CNC turntable lathe mounted together with horizontal drilling-milling for 6 meter z=2000 (BFK 130/6)
plate rolling machine 25×5000 AGJ 25×5000
plate rolling machine 12x2000 IB2220
ray drilling machine R2000 RF51/B
CNC horizontal milling-machine 6000x1000x2000
CNC portal milling-machine 1000x4000x1000
CNC controlled lathe Ø1600x8000 TC6-160/8M

Lifting devices, material handling equipment:

gantry crane with load capacity: 30t/5t/1t
column type bracket crane with 500 kg load capacity 500 kg = 0,5 t (2 db)
overhead crane 5t

Welding – material drying equipment

electric heated mobile electrode drying box (2 pcs)
electric heated drying furnace (2 pcs)

Welding equipment:

hydraulic lifting and reversing device (for the reverse of loader board when welding)
acetylene-oxygen welding equipment (2 pcs)
gas shielded arc welding machines (16 pcs)
AWI equipment (13 pcs)


Preparing and cleaning of surfaces with grit
manual free-ray shot-blasting cabin system with overall dimensions of (6000 x 4000 x 10000 mm)

Surface cleaning with compressed air spraying (glass, sand, ceramics particles)
• manual free–ray system
• size: 7000x4000x15000 mm (own develpoment)

Coating with painting:
We have a sprayer cabin that can be heated and ventilated, used for making coatings with good quality.
The cabin’s type is SAICO (72 m2)
We also have a drying cabin (34 m2)
We are able to paint at high pressure up to 240 bars: with 'AIRLESS' equipment, which is also capable of hot paint throwing.

Coating with metal blasting:
MOGUL A-4P melts the metal by electricity and sprays it on the surface to be coated.
We have 1 manual and 2 automatic devices.
One of the automatic devices sprays the inner surface of the welded pipes whilst the other is suitable for spraying the external surface of them. A rotating device helps the metal spraying process, which was designed and manufactured for spraying the 'ragged plates'.



Size: 1584 m2
Scope of activity: accurate cutting of plates.
Items are handled by two travelling cranes of 5 and 20 tons lifting capacity respectively.

laser cutting LVD IMPULS 6530-6 KW with 2 x 3000*6000 table size; max. sheet thickness 25 mm
water cutting FLOW WMC HyperJetD with 3000*6000 table size; max. sheet thickness 600 mm


Size: 350 m2
Scope of activity: maintenance of production serving vehicles, machines, devices, assembling and installation of new purpose machines.

Lifting equipment:: overhead crane 3,2 t


Size: 110 m2 36 m2
Scope of activity: preventive maintenance of production plants for the elimination of accidentally occurring break downs, protection of buildings.
• mounted drilling machine
• column drilling machine FO32-02


Size: 42 m2
Scope of activity: Scope of activity: manufacturing and maintenance of office, diner and museum furniture, repairing of packing devices (pallets, etc.)
• band-sawing machine
• disc sawing machine
• jointer surfacer (2 pcs)
• long hole drilling machine
• milling machine


Size: 110 m2

Scope of activity: compactness control with helium test on special machine.

Equipment for inspections:
• filtered air impact network with 2 connections
• manometers (16 pcs)
• LEYBOLD vacuum pump
• vacuum gauge (2 pcs)
• helium vessel
• UL-200 helium detector equipment
• blocking, plugging and collecting equipment (8-8 pcs)

• a column bracket crane with 500 kilograms of lifting capacity

Other equipment:
• SHORE A type rubber hardness tester equipment
• breaking tester
• ultrasonic testing equipment
• optical grinder KO160-01
• chiselling machine Ø600x600 SM40
We are also capable of executing penetration and magnetic dust tests.


Size: 76 m2
Scope of activity: inspection of incoming base material and products, procedural control on site, completion of material control, final taking-over, handling of complaints; storing available calibrated measuring gauge; the room is air-conditioned
Measuring equipment: measuring tapes, slop gauges


Size: 780 m2 96 m2

Scope of activity: systematisation of incoming materials, storage, registration, storing with registry, material delivery, cutting of round-bar steel with 2 hack-saws. The moving of materials is done with two 2.3 tons and and 1 ton movable crane. The material delivery is done with a scales of 500 kg measuring capacity. Furthermore the handling and delivery of vessels from the vessel storage of 96 site m 2.


Size: 252 m2
Size of heatable weld material store: 10 m2
Size of heatable painting material store: 28 m2
Scope of activity: providing the production and maintenance crew with all the materials and tools necessary for their works.


Size of central garage: 192 m2
Scope of activity: moving and transport of base materials necessary for the production, for the under-manufacturing and finished products
Material handling devices:
• fork-lift truck with 5 tons of lifting capacity (2 pcs)
• fork-lift truck with 4 tons of lifting capacity (2 pcs)
• crane truck with 30 tons of lifting capacity
• crane truck with 60 tons of lifting capacity
• crane truck with 25 tons of lifting capacity
• crane truck with 14 tons of lifting capacity
• dump truck with 2 tons of loading capacity (2 pcs)
Transport equipment:
• Opel 1,4 passenger car, 5-seated
• Suzuki 1,3 passenger car, 5-seated (2 pcs)
• Mazda E2200 light lorry of 1,7 tons
• Ford Transit closed light lorry of 1,7 tons
• Ford Transit passenger car for 9 persons (3 pcs)
• MERCEDES ACTROS trailer truck of 38 tons
• MERCEDES ATECO truck 6,5 tons
• KIA K2700 light lorry of 1,5 tons


Location: Offices, workshop and all the related facilities.
Scope of activity: executing of on-site welding, maintenance and mending tasks at NPP Paks, Hungary.