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Welcome to Pintér Művek!

We hope that by browsing our website we can offer you better understanding of our company: its business philosophy, scope of activities, manufacturing base and references. Pintér Művek is a well known and respected company of the modernizing Hungarian economy. We put great emphasis on fully complying with the requirements and needs of our partners in terms of accuracy, flexibility, reliability and quality.

Pinter Works is located between the Danube and Tisza, in Kecel, a small town of 9000 inhabitants in Bács-Kiskun county. It was established in 1978 by a local craftsman, Pintér József. Present industrial complex was inaugurated in 1989 and it became the symbol of the Hungarian political transformation. The founder passed away in April 2014. His son Pintér Csaba took over the company and he has been managing the company since then.


  • It is a private (family) enterprise
  • The owner is Pintér Csaba
  • Main site: Kecel
  • Branch office: Paks

Number of employees


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Pintér Művek

Infrastructure and technical background

The plant complex has a base area of 40 000 m2 including offices and social facilities of 2000 m2 and production halls of 13 200 m2.
The production halls are divided into the following specialized units.

  • machining workshop
  • locksmith’s and welding workshop
  • structure manufacturing workshop
  • milling and turning workshop
  • water jet and laser profile cutting workshop
  • surface preparation and treatment workshop
  • painting workshop
  • developing and testing department
  • quality control department and measuring gauge store
  • steel structures and frames
  • turbines, locks and other subunits of heat and hydropower plants
  • industrial robots and special machines
  • special devices for nuclear power plants
  • nuclear waste storage units
  • high capacity pressure vessels and liquid storage tanks
  • parts for bridges and transmission towers
  • heat exchangers, pipe systems and boilers
  • industrial pipelines
  • waste converting devices
  • special waste containers
  • precision products

Main activities and products

In addition to above-listed items the technological, planning and developing processes practically cover everything that relates to metalworking, from the small bolts to the huge items of several tons.

We undertake flame, water and laser cutting of different workpieces with high accuracy and short lead-time; as well as rolling and bending of plates and other metal parts.

Our own products: PINTERCASK-1000 – a B(U)F type shipping cask, which has been designed to carry neutron sources and fissile material; plastic waste processing complexes

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